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Sep 26 2017

How do you go about converting from oil to gas heat? #converting #from #oil #to #gas #heat


How do you go about converting from oil to gas heat?

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The first step in converting from oil heat to natural gas is to find out if gas service is available where you live by contacting the closest gas company in your region. If gas service is available, decide if switching to gas is cost effective by checking with utility companies for average yearly costs; talking to contractors who install and service heaters and appliances; or checking online comparison sites.

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In addition to fuel rates and new equipment installation costs, according to the National Association of Realtors, other factors to consider before conversion are the fee for the gas company to actually connect the local gas line to the home, removal of the old oil tank (if necessary) and possibly a new chimney lining because gas exhaust contains masonry-damaging moisture.

Aside from costs, conversion to gas may provide a tax credit for replacing heating or cooling equipment with energy-efficient versions. UGI, a regional gas company in the North Eastern United States, offers full details of the steps required to change over to gas on its website. Step-by-step instructions, educational videos and a comprehensive list of frequently asked questions provide valuable information to consider before making the switch from oil to gas.

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